Leno’s Clash with Ballboy: FA Action Looms? | OneFootball

Leno’s Clash with Ballboy: FA Action Looms? | OneFootball

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·27 December 2023

Leno’s Clash with Ballboy: FA Action Looms?

Article image:Leno’s Clash with Ballboy: FA Action Looms?

Leno’s Controversial Confrontation: A Closer Look

In a recent Premier League match, a moment of high tension took center stage when Fulham goalkeeper Bernd Leno faced off against a ballboy. Ben Fisher from The Guardian expertly captured this incident, noting, “The Fulham goalkeeper Bernd Leno could face retrospective action from the Football Association after shoving a ballboy in the defeat at Bournemouth. Leno, who had already been booked, avoided a red card but could face further punishment.” This moment has sparked widespread debate in the football community.

Behind the Scenes of the Incident

During the match, Leno, frustrated with the delay in play, pushed the ballboy with his left hand. Despite later apologising and embracing the youngster, the action did not go unnoticed. Fisher reported, “After the incident the referee, Tim Robinson, asked for the ballboys to stand down from duty, resulting in the absence of the multiball system for the final stages of the game.” This decision by the referee was unprecedented and highlighted the seriousness of the situation.

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Silva’s Stance on the Matter

Marco Silva, Fulham’s manager, provided a different perspective. He alleged that the ballboys, possibly following instructions, were intentionally slowing the game. Fisher quotes Silva: “It is clear he [Leno] went to speak with the boy after that moment as the top professional and the really experienced player he is,” defending his player’s actions and questioning the motives behind the ballboys’ behavior.

The Multiball System Debate

An interesting aspect of this event was the role of the multiball system. Typically used to speed up the game, its withdrawal after the incident raised questions. Silva expressed his dissatisfaction, arguing that regardless of the score, the system should have remained active throughout the match. This sentiment was not shared by Bournemouth’s coach Andoni Iraola, who denied any instructions given to the ballboys to delay restarts.

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