🎙️ Leeds stun City, United's revenge at Spurs and Lingard's on fire

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Dan Burke

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On this episode of the Premier League Weekend Review Podcast, Dan Burke is joined by Matt Frohlich and Joel Sanderson-Murray.

As ever, there’s tonnes to talk about as all 10 of the weekend’s fixtures are discussed.

Including such topics as …

  • Who will win Father of the Year: José Mourinho or Ole Gunnar Solskjaer?
  • Is the title race back on after Manchester City’s slip-up against Leeds?
  • Can VAR be fixed?
  • Has Kai Havertz arrived in the Premier League?
  • Is Jesse Lingard a misunderstood genius?
  • Is Brendan Rodgers a fraud and are Leicester going to bottle it again?
  • Is Gabriel Martinelli the real deal?
  • Could West Brom pull off the Great Escape or are Newcastle now safe from relegation?

And much, much more.

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