Lazio fans plan protest as Baroni pens contract | OneFootball

Lazio fans plan protest as Baroni pens contract | OneFootball

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·7 June 2024

Lazio fans plan protest as Baroni pens contract

Article image:Lazio fans plan protest as Baroni pens contract

Lazio have agreed a two-year contract with new coach Marco Baroni after Igor Tudor resigned due to differences over transfer strategy, but fans warned ‘the biggest manifestation of dissent ever seen’ will hit the Eternal City.

The club has been somewhat in chaos ever since Maurizio Sarri walked away in March, saying he felt it was the only way to shake up the squad to end the season on a positive note.

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They finished in seventh place under Tudor, but the Croatian coach also resigned this week in open disagreement with the way President Claudio Lotito saw the future.

Lotito confirmed to news agency ANSA that Tudor “wanted to change eight players” whereas he felt the team was competitive.

Instead, the club met with former Verona boss Baroni today and agreed a two-year contract, worth circa €1.5m per season.

This news infuriated Lazio supporters, who have long been antagonistic with Lotito, believing the President is too focused on keeping the purse strings tight and will not invest in a truly ambitious team.

Lazio fans protest against Baroni appointment

The Curva Nord ultras group released a statement warning they will not take Baroni’s appointment lying down.

“Lazio fans, purely out of love for the club, will not accept seeing it scaled down in any way! In a football world where all clubs take responsibility and aim for 360 degree growth, Lazio finds itself the hostage of a plan aimed solely at the personal interests of Claudio Lotito.

“We will not accept this mediocre approach and, as defenders of Our Lazio, have the duty to take a position. We fans are tired of this dictatorship, we must show our dissent in peaceful fashion.

“You will all finally have a way of giving some concrete show of the thousands of critiques that filled social media lately, you will all have the opportunity to show your dissent with your presence towards this provincial leadership that none of us deserve.

“Get ready to join the biggest manifestation of dissent that sport in Rome has ever seen. Keep your calendars free for next weekend…”

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