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Latest anti-Rangers SPFL scandal as PSV get help from Dutch FA

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The Dutch FA are to help millionaires PSV after confirming the Eindhoven side’s clash with Volendam is permanently dumped/postponed to aid in preparation to face Rangers.

Meanwhile Rangers are, as things stand, currently still being forced to travel to Easter Road to face Hibs that weekend.

The SFA is under fire for reinvoking 2008 and ‘Sporting Integrity’ after Rangers’ trip to Edinburgh was widely criticised due to lack of obvious postponement intentions meaning, just like in 1992 our major opponent in the UCL will get a domestic advantage (albeit that one was match fixed) giving them extra slack to prepare for their CL clash with us.

Rangers, as usual, get the short end, and will still be obliged to fulfil their trip to Easter Road, with no sign from anywhere that this match is to be permanently postponed.

And we wonder why Scotland is so backwards.

Our authorities do everything they can to do nothing they can to help our clubs, and while Doncaster did aid last season in the UEL to give Rangers breathing room (Motherwell was brought forward a day), nothing is forthcoming at this point because it’s earlier in the season and Celtic haven’t already won the league.

Indeed, Doncaster’s words earlier this year said everything:

“That would be huge [to have two clubs playing in the Champions League group stages]. Not merely from the point of view of co-efficient and making it easier for our clubs to qualify in the future, there is a huge financial boost to the whole game the better our clubs do in Europe. Unfortunately money is so important to the game and to be able to attract some of the world’s best talent to come to Scotland, money talks. Certainly the money that European competition brings to the game in Scotland is vital.”

And yet, despite it being ‘huge’, there is no sign yet the SPFL or SFA are doing a thing to ensure Rangers get maximum chance at making the group stage.


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