Koeman puts blame on Barcelona players following another Champions League disaster

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Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman addressed the press after his side’s 3-0 loss to Julian Nagelsmann’s Bayern Munich. The Catalans barely threatened the visitor’s goal and were completely outplayed during the game.

The Dutchman first talked about the situation of forwards available at the club and the unfortunate injuries to key players. He hinted that it was part of the reason the team could not compete to the required level.

“We had three forwards available. Of course we would have liked to compete better, but this is what we have, this is what we have available,” he began.

The youngsters played a crucial part in the Catalan’s short resurgence in the second half, and Koeman acknowledged that it was a positive to take away: “There are guys with a great future, who are 18-20 years old, and compared to their players there is a difference that over time will be less.”

He also added that the team would be much more competitive once the young players gained experience and developed: “We have the squad we have and very young players, and in 2 or 3 years they will be very good.”

When asked about the opposition and their quality, the manager quite simply admitted that they were superior saying: “They were better than us.”

He then added that the squad of Bayern Munich was far superior to that at his disposal. “I can’t complain. There is a difference in quality both in their starters, and substitutes,” the Dutchman explained.

The next topic addressed by the manager was the expectations from the fans and their reaction. To this question, he replied: “Our fans understand the current situation.”

The Dutchman then said that one needs to be realistic in expectations based on the situation. He said that the circumstances were not optimal to expect a favourable result.

Shedding light on some of the players’ lack of sharpness, he explained: “We have to be realistic. Alba was sick the other night. Luuk de Jong played his first game.”

The performance on the night was poor. However, Koeman was optimistic that things would not remain that way and that there was light at the end of the tunnel: “Things are going to be different than today. The team showed that they have a future, and they will have reinforcements like Ansu, Aguero, and Dembélé.”

Most puzzlingly, Koeman then seemed to deflect blame onto the players, saying that Barcelona played mostly with youngsters and that the team was not up to the task of competing due to a lack of quality.

“We have too few players from the highest level. We have ended the game with 4/5 players that are just 18 years old,” Koeman pointed out.

The Bavarians were flawless in their victor, but the Barcelona coach constantly seemed to come back to the players, saying that their squad was better: “Bayern showed they have a better team. There is a difference in the players.”

The Barcelona manager piled on blunt replies when he said he couldn’t do anything about people’s opinions and claimed his helplessness, once again speaking about his talks with president Laporta. 

“I can’t do anything about people’s opinions. We’re improving things. We’re missing players. I talk to the president and if there’s a problem, we talk it out. I want to put this whole thing aside.”

He then claimed that he was not giving excuses but that the reality was the lack of options in attack: “I don’t want to look for excuses, but everyone knows who we had available in the attack. It was difficult to play against a Bayern who have a lot of speed”

Finally, he gave an example to show how the Bavarians had superior personnel in every department.

“We know that neither Sergi Roberto nor Mingueza can beat Davies 1v1,” he added, concluding a rather contradictory press conference.

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