📣 Klopp on injuries, front three's form and Liverpool rebuild

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Padraig Whelan

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Jürgen Klopp addressed the media on Wednesday afternoon ahead of Liverpool’s clash with Burnley tomorrow night.

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This is what he had to say …

On front three’s form

“It’s about the whole team, no doubt. The boys themselves know that goals aren’t flying in from right and left so you have to work on it.

“A week ago, John Stones scored his first goal for Man City and then in the next game he scores twice!

“The calmer you stay … stay greedy as well and make good decisions. Then the situation will change.”

On Joël Matip and Diogo Jota injuries

“So first, Joël is in full training and we will make a decision but he trained as normal.

“Diogo is a few weeks away. It will not be in the next one or two. He needs time.

“How much I miss him is not important. I am not allowed to miss him. He is not there and we deal with it.”

On playing midfielders at centre-back

“If I thought it was better to play them [Fabinho and Jordan Henderson] in midfield rather than at centre-back, then I would do it.

“I thought for that game it would work better that way around. Defensively, they did outstandingly well. I was never in doubt about their defending.”

On a Liverpool rebuild

“I think I heard somewhere that I have to ‘rebuild’ this team?

“The world is a crazy place and not just because of the pandemic! Nobody has time anymore.

“In football, we know that. You only get time if you make steps forward. We have to change this by playing, not talking.”

On Xherdan Shaqiri

“His strengths are passing, creativity, vision, movement – a lot which is really good. That is why he started on Sunday.

“Shaq and Thiago played really well. There is much more to come as they get rhythm. They will help us a lot – I am really happy.”

On tiredness

“Nobody is tired, nobody is fatigued so it plays absolutely no role. We’re as fresh as possible.”

On title race

“It changes all the time because it’s so close. That makes it a different title race this year. We have to be ready.

“I know that in this business, only results count. But you need performances before the result. The last one was good.”

On dressing room message

“You don’t want to hear my message to the players. It doesn’t put you [the media] in a good light! We go for this and if you can’t see it, I cannot change that.”

On current situation

“Our situation is not a catastrophe, it’s just not perfect. And I saw a lot of good signs in the Man United game. But because we didn’t win, nobody was interested.

“Perfection depends on the situation. There is no perfect season – it’s about dealing with circumstances.

“We have to be as perfect as possible. I understand the need to talk about it but we can’t change it in a minute.”