Klopp and Liverpool star speak out against the European Super League

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Liverpool duo Jurgen Klopp and James Milner not in favour of European Super League as they challenge FSG call

Jurgen Klopp revealed in an interview on Monday night (h/t The Guardian) that he was only informed of the plans of Liverpool being in the European Super League on Sunday, and spoke against the idea of the competition.

John W. Henry, who is the founder of FSG, and the principal owner of Liverpool, will preside as one of the vice-chairmen in the newly-formed European Super League. The ESL sees its 15 founding members have permanent residence in the competition.

And Liverpool are one of the 15 and the Premier League ‘big six’ who have broken away from UEFA to undertake ESL plans. This competition clearly challenges the spirit of competitiveness in sports and monopolizes power and capital in the hands of few.

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It really goes against the principles of the city of Liverpool as well, if not against the morals of the sport as a whole. James Milner gave his views on the ESL and while it was short, it summed up exactly how a majority of the fans and players feel about it.

“I don’t like it and I don’t want it to happen.”

A giant mess

But Klopp’s comments were long, detailed, and revealed a lot. The German immediately distanced himself and his team from this decision and stated that it is solely FSG’s doing.

“The team has nothing to do with it and I have not really anything to do with it but people treat us like we do… I am responsible for a lot of things and when I am involved in things I take the criticism easily, but we are not involved in this.”

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And he also addressed talks of him leaving the club amid this difficult time. But Klopp mentioned that he feels responsible for the club and will manage as long as he is allowed to.

“I heard today that I will resign. That makes me more sticky that I will stay. I feel responsible for the team, I feel responsible for the club and the relationship we have with our fans. It is a very tough time but I will try to help to sort it somehow.”

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Fans, and the players themselves, would hope that this situation is resolved and football returns to the way it was as soon as possible.