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Keown supports Wenger return at Arsenal

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Former Arsenal defender Martin Keown supports the idea of Arsene Wenger returning to the club in a formal role.

Gunners manager Mikel Arteta revealed yesterday talks were underway to bring the Frenchman back.

Keown wrote for the Daily Mail: "I never understood why, when Arsene Wenger left Arsenal, he wasn't moved upstairs. If anyone should have a seat in the club's boardroom, it's him.

"He had so much to offer. He still does. He is one of the game's great visionaries and life's leaders and they don't come along very often.

"Wenger practically built the Emirates Stadium, thanks to his success, and yet he's never been back there since leaving. If Arsenal are to be seen as one big family, it is only right and proper that the former head of that family should return to the table.

"It never sat right with me that he wasn't involved in some capacity after dedicating 22 years of his life to the club. Wenger is still a forward-thinking football man and is currently working for FIFA, developing the global game."

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