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K-League accuses Juventus of 'shamelessness, untruth and deception'

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Blaise Bourgeois

The feud between Juventus and the K-League over Cristiano Ronaldo’s no-show at a friendly in Seoul last week took another turn on Wednesday, as South Korea’s first-division slammed Juve for their “shamelessness, untruth and deception”.

Ronaldo was contracted to play at least 45 minutes of a match against a K-League All-Stars side but was left on the bench – much to the dismay of the 60,000 fans in attendance.

K-League president Oh Kwon-Gap reached out to Juve in search of an apology and to clarify exactly why this ‘breach of contract’ occurred, but Juve chairman Andrea Agnelli failed to apologise for his club’s actions.

On Thursday, the K-League released the following statement:

“K-League cannot help but feel disappointed and cheated by Juventus for its shamelessness.

“Juventus said in its reply that Ronaldo’s absence was due to muscle fatigue from previous matches that had forced him to take a rest. If Ronaldo was unable to play, it would be a blatant deception to include Ronaldo as a substitute on the start list.

“Also, according to a phone recording between the promoter and an official from Juventus released in the media, everyone from Juventus including Ronaldo himself and the manager Sarri knew it clearly that Ronaldo was supposed to play.

“Yet, Juventus has so far avoided responsibility for Ronaldo’s no-show without any explanations.

“Other assertions from Juventus are also filled with untruth and deception.

“K League clearly register our profound indignation and disappointment to Juventus’s irresponsible behaviour and manners, and we strongly urge Juventus to offer a sincere apology and explain the reason for Ronaldo’s no-show.”

Juve had also claimed it took them nearly two hours to get out of the airport, but the Korea Immigration Service confirmed they, in fact, exited the airport in just 26 minutes.

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