Juventus great Del Piero: Dybala needs to be free

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Juventus great Alessandro del Piero insists Paulo Dybala can be the team's future.

Del Piero says the Argentine, however, needs a 'freer' role.

“In my opinion, he has already given them a lot in the past. He should go back to this level," he said.

“You don't play with the pressure of having to win alone.

“The freer he is, the more he will make a difference by exploiting his enormous potential."

On coach Max Allegri's return, Del Piero continued: “I like Allegri, I think he has clear ideas.

“He cannot work miracles, because he is the first to know that Juve's problem couldn't be traced back to technical guidance alone.

“The work to be done is great, both in the dressing room and on the pitch."

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