José Mourinho accuses Liverpool of trying to 'buy the title'

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Alex Mott

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Manchester United boss José Mourinho has accused Liverpool of trying to “buy the title”.

But before you get on your high horses and start furiously tweeting, Liverpool fans, it’s not quite what it seems.

Jürgen Klopp’s men arguably had one of the best transfer windows in Europe this summer, bringing in the likes of Fabinho, Naby Keïta and Alisson.

The Reds spent over €200m on new recruits, and the Portuguese tactician was asked about it on Sky Sports on Saturday.

When quizzed if this will be the hardest season to win the Premier League given the strength of United’s rivals.

“I think Liverpool are trying to buy the title, but when I say buying I mean ‘buying’ with amazing investment,” he told them.

Seems about right to us.

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