Jérémy Ménez again opens up on his problems with Miguel Herrera


Blaise Bourgeois

Article image: Jérémy Ménez again opens up on his problems with Miguel Herrera

One of the most recent examples of an América player that failed to live up to his great expectations was Jérémy Ménez, who is currently with Ligue 2 side Paris FC.

It’s said that there were big personal disagreements between Ménez and manager Miguel Herrera, which is believed to have eliminated any chance of the former France international being able to perform up to his billing.

During a recent interview in France, Ménez revisited the subject once again.

“There were disagreements between us but the truth is that I prefer not to talk much about the subject. It happened and that’s it.

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“The most important thing is that I had a good time in Mexico, at the club, and in the uniform. The truth is something he knows and I do too.

“It was something that happened between us, but when I see the news, I realise that it does not happen only with me .

“Frankly, I almost never saw a coach talk like that about a player. That can show that something was wrong or that there was a different problem than the one discussed.

“I trained, but without playing it is difficult to show what I am capable of doing. When I played, many times I was good, I think.

“However, he is a good manager that allowed América to win great titles.

“In football, sometimes there are disagreements between people, it is something that can happen. We can’t get along with everyone.”

So far in five games with Paris FC, Ménez has contributed two assists and started each of their last four contests.