Jenas: Everton ace James showed Mourinho what he needs at Spurs

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Article image: Jenas: Everton ace James showed Mourinho what he needs at Spurs

Former Tottenham star Jermaine Jenas believes James Rodriguez showed Jose Mourinho what he is missing for Everton's win on Sunday.

He wrote for BBC Sport: "Rodriguez looked an absolute world-beater for Everton on Sunday - and he is almost exactly what Spurs haven't got at the moment.

"They have got plenty of players with pace and energy in that area behind the striker but they haven't had anyone with real guile since Christian Eriksen left at the start of the year.

"There isn't anyone in this Tottenham team who you can give the ball to that can just soak it up and say 'let me settle this down' which is exactly what Rodriguez did time and time again when he found Richarlison or Dominic Calvert-Lewin

"Whenever the ball came up to him on the right, Rodriguez always had so much time. He never seemed rushed and it was like he was saying to Spurs left-back Ben Davies 'you stay there, I am controlling this ball and I'm going to do what I like with it'.

"He has got that star quality about him. The talk when Rodriguez signed was would he be quick enough or fit enough, but he has got the ability to see things before they happen. He just looked like he was a class above.

"Everton had Rodriguez orchestrating things at the top of the pitch, they had Allan running things in the middle and they had Michael Keane in charge at the back.

"Whereas I looked at Spurs and everyone was looking around pointing fingers at each other."