“I’ve spoken to people”: James Pearce on the chance of ESL going ahead

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Journalist James Pearce has shared what he has been told about the proposed European Super League.

Liverpool have signed up for the aforementioned competition.

Pearce has stated that the people he has spoken to believe that the European Super League will not go ahead.

Pearce added that the reputation of Liverpool’s owners, Fenway Sports Group, has been damaged as a result of signing Liverpool up for the European Super League.

Pearce told the Athletic: “I’ve spoken to people today who remain convinced the Super League won’t happen. I really hope they are right but damage has been done by FSG’s action that will never be repaired.”

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We hope what Pearce has heard is true. It has been reported that Liverpool would have to leave the Premier League if they were to compete in the European Super League.

We don’t want to see the Reds depart the Premier League, as it is such a good competition. We don’t believe that the European Super League will go ahead.

Journalist Oliver Holt has reported that two English clubs are considering pulling out of the European Super League.

The reality is, there has been so much backlash about the European Super League. With that being the case, we would not be shocked to see those clubs involved in creating this new competition pull out.

The pressure coming from the fans and media might become too much for the owners of the clubs that are involved in forming the European Super League.