🇪🇺 Italy & Wales win Day 6️⃣; what not to miss on Euro 2020 Day 7️⃣

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Lewis Ambrose

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The second round of group games has already begun, we’re well into the swing of things now …

OK, what was your best moment from yesterday?

Well it’s not a single moment but that Welsh performance, wow, hats off. They were superb to a man, they thoroughly deserved their win over Turkey, and they have won foot in the knockout rounds.

It’s nice to see Group B, on the other hand, blown wide open with three teams now sitting on three points.

Do you have a memorable photo?

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Got any interesting stats or facts?

Only France have won more European Championships games than Wales since the start of the 2016 tournament.

And Italy have now kept a clean sheet in 10 consecutive matches!

And if I need a laugh, what happened that’ll tickle me?

Sorry Gareth, but that really was a bad, bad penalty. Still, two assists, so who’s really laughing?

Well, I’m free today, what can I not afford to miss?

Ukraine were excellent in their opener, can they do more of the same?

Ukraine 2
North Macedonia 1
Full time

Then it’s Denmark against Belgium, where the Belgians plan to kick the ball out in the 10th minute as a nod to Christian Eriksen as he continues his recovery.

Denmark 1
Belgium 2
Full time

Then we have the great entertainers. Netherlands’ opener was a thriller and we’re hoping for more of the same.

Netherlands 2
Austria 0
Full time

Have you got a player to watch?

Memphis Depay didn’t get a goal at the weekend but he shone in the 3-2 defeat of Ukraine and is always someone to keep an eye on.

That’s a lot of Euros. What else is going on if I need a break?

I don’t know what it’s like where you are but it’s going to hit 33° Celsius in Berlin today. Slather on the lotion, drink lots of water, and enjoy the sunshine! Preferably near a big screen, so you can still see what’s going on.