Italian Journalist Fabrizio Biasin: “DigitalBits A Serious Problem For Inter But Won’t Affect Transfer Market, 2-3 Targets Ahead Of Acerbi” | OneFootball

Italian Journalist Fabrizio Biasin: “DigitalBits A Serious Problem For Inter But Won’t Affect Transfer Market, 2-3 Targets Ahead Of Acerbi”

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Italian journalist Fabrizio Biasin believes that while the situation with main shirt sponsor DigitalBits is a serious problem for Inter, it will not affect how they approach the closing weeks of the transfer window.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster Telelombardia, Biasin explained that the situation with the cryptocurrency company’s nonpayment of an initial tranche of their sponsorship deal is not relevant to the funds available for the transfer market, and also reported that Lazio’s Francesco Acerbi would only be a fallback option if a couple other targets aren’t signed in defense.

Inter are heading into the final three weeks or so of the summer transfer window, and there is still plenty that is uncertain, with the headache of the DigitalBits situation just further adding to the questions around their strategy.

According to Biasin, however, the plans have not really been altered significantly, and it remains the case that they are looking for a defender to replace Andrea Ranocchia and ensure adequate depth in the backline for the season

“At the moment the squad is very competitive and complete,” he explained. “A defender is needed, of course. Then there’s the hope, but not the certainty, that none of the players from the starting eleven will leave between now and the end of the window.”

“If a starter were to leave, however, it would be a problem,” he continued, “because they would be practically impossible to replace before the window closes.”

“I’m worried about the fact that there are still twenty days left in the window,” Biasin said, “given that Inter don’t have the financial strength to keep their players off the market. I’m terrified that something could happen in the transfer market.”

He explained that “Inter’s mission is to protect their players as much as possible. I know perfectly well the difficulties Inter have, now there’s zero budget to sign a defender.”

Regarding the DigitalBits situation, Biasin called it “Another problem, but that has nothing to do with the transfer market. However, it’s a serious problem.”

And as far as the defensive targets, he explained that “Inter have 2-3 players in mind before they would sign Acerbi.”

“It’s just that the little money that would be needed to sign these players isn’t there,” he continued. “If the situation were to remain like this, it could lead to signing Acerbi, which would be the cheaper solution.”

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