Italian Journalist Andrea Ramazzotti: “BC Partners Won’t Settle For A Minority Stake At Inter”

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BC Partners are unlikely to get involved at Inter without taking control of the club, according to Italian journalist Andrea Ramazzotti.

The British based private equity fund are rumoured to be in talks with owners Suning over becoming shareholders, with fresh reports in Thursday’s newspapers that they are preparing to buy a majority stake in the club.

BC Partners are currently in the process of conducting due diligence of Inter’s accounts, a process which is expected take a few weeks.

Only after this process is complete, will it then be understood what BC Partners plans are with regard to investment into the Nerazzurri, who, like every club on the planet, have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In an economic moment like this it is difficult to say how the story can end,” Ramazzotti, who writes for Corriere dello Sport, explained in an interview with Italian radio station Radio 24 earlier today.

“A fund like BC Partners have come into play and history tells us that they don’t go into companies just to be the minority shareholders.

“This is a story that seems headed for an outcome that no one could have imagined last year.”

Ramazzotti then went on to insist that Inter will pay the salaries of their players, who have yet to receive their salaries for the months of either November or December, due mainly because of the delicate financial situation that Inter are dealing with.

“Inter will pay their salaries because the management are competent, they are working on paying players in installments, although the situation is complex,” he concluded.

Inter’s board of directors held an emergency meeting today to discuss the club’s financial predicament, with a statement pledging the board’s intention to ‘guarantee the stability of the club’ despite a sharp fall in revenue this year.