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OneFootball·9 June 2023

📣 Inzaghi on squad news, nerves and Man City ahead of UCL final

Article image:📣 Inzaghi on squad news, nerves and Man City ahead of UCL final

Simone Inzaghi has been speaking to the media in Istanbul ahead of Inter’s Champions League final against Manchester City.

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Here is what he has had to say …

On squad news

“Today is the last workout. Yesterday Henrikh Mkhitaryan returned to the group after 22 days, there are good sensations. I’ll have to decide whether to use it from the beginning or during the game … We still have some doubts about Mkhitaryan and Joaquin Correa, who seem to be recovering.

“I wouldn’t trade my players for anyone. These guys have been giving me joy and satisfaction for 20 months. There’s a huge responsibility, the guys are quite serene, they’re training in the best possible way.

“Marcelo Brozovic or Mkhitaryan? In the first few months I couldn’t choose how I would have liked to do. And I think the results came when I had the choice. Tomorrow we will evaluate Mkhitaryan’s condition, who cannot be 100%. Yesterday he gave good results, let’s see today.”

On nerves and focus

“We’re quite calm, clearly the closer the match gets, the more tension rises. We know how much this match matters for our splendid fans too. Tomorrow we owe that extra race and that extra sacrifice to the fans and the club.

“Tomorrow legs, head and heart. Legs to make the extra run, head to stay clear-headed and heart to find energy you didn’t even think you had … Tomorrow we can write Inter history. Together we have come this far and together we will try to do a great job.

“We’ve had difficult moments and we’ve grown more in those moments. We’ve had deserved defeats, undeserved defeats, we’ve lost important players. But the lads have been great, we’ve listened little and put in a crazy effort. And that’s how it is that we have arrived here in Istanbul.”

On Italian clubs in finals and cup success

“The other Italians lost the final, is there more pressure for Inter? It would be important for all of Italian football, for the whole movement. I am very sorry for Roma and Fiorentina, who in my opinion played two excellent games. Now we’re here, but in any case, this year a huge milestone has been reached by the Italians.

“I’m a cup specialist, how do I prepare the players? Clearly, I’m lucky enough to coach players who know how to play these games. We don’t have players who have played in the Champions League finals but they have played in many important games. We have world champions, of Europe. An important mix. You have to be lucid and good, and manage the details well. The details make the difference.”

On how to beat Man City

“We know which game we will have to play. We know that Manchester City are the strongest team in the world, they have lost very little. But we know our path, we are proud and we will do everything to play an incredibly concentrated game. We have to limit mistakes.

“We know the strength of City and Erling Haaland. He will be a special observer. We have prepared something but all of Inter will have to limit all of City.

“Prepare for penalties? We’ve always tried them during the year, we’ll try them again today. Is City’s defence slow? It’s a solid defence, they’ve conceded very little in the Champions League. Lately they’ve been building in one way and defending in another. But we’ll try to play the game we need to play in the final.”