Inter’s Super League Plans Persuaded Suning Not To Sell Nerazzurri, Italian Media Claim

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Inter’s involvement in a new European Super League was the reason Suning didn’t sell the club earlier this year, a report in the Italian media argued today.

As per, Suning seemed destined to leave the Nerazzurri as they battled a serious economic crisis and tough restrictions from China’s government.

It was difficult for some to understand why Inter president Steven Zhang had been so quick to reject a €750 million offer from BC Partners, given the club’s financial troubles.

Inter’s likely Serie A title success was one of the reasons suggested, but now ‘the final piece of the puzzle’ has been unveiled with the club’s commitment to join the Super League.

Zhang would secure €250 million immediately if and when the Super League began, a sum of money which would put Suning in a far more comfortable position when managing Inter’s costs.

Inter would have a lot more liquidity all of a sudden from fans returning to stadiums and the new franchise, changing the scenario for the club heading forward.

Suning are still looking to secure a minority shareholder at Inter, but they are now in a stronger position in negotiations thanks to Sunday’s news.