Inter Milan coach Conte pleased for goalscorer Eriksen after Napoli draw

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Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte was satisfied after their 1-1 draw with Napoli.

Christian Eriksen struck for Inter after the visitors had conceded an early own goal.

"At this moment what we need to do is concentrate on the present. We don't know what will happen, what the plans are, we don't know anything," said Conte.

“So talking about the transfer market is meaningless right now. I am very happy and proud of this group, which has improved so much in every respect.

“This was a game we may well have lost in other situations, albeit undeservedly, and we'd have struggled psychologically. Instead, we saw a team that knows what it's doing, that never loses sight of the right way forward, even if something unlucky happens, such as the own goal.

“This is too important, what we're doing this season, and we must remain absolutely concentrated. Once that's over, there will be time to understand the situation and figure things out. As it stands, we don't really know what will happen."

On goalscorer Eriksen, Conte added: "Things changed when I had more time to work with him, and also I needed him to realise there is attacking and defending in football. He took a while to adapt to a very tactical style of football that we have in Italy.

"We tried in every way to get him settled and tried various roles. I know he can do much, much better. He is becoming more aggressive and showing more intensity, which certainly benefited the whole team."