Inter Assistant Coach Massimiliano Farris: “Controversy Around Dumfries Absurd, D’Ambrosio’s Celebration With Him A Great Gesture” | OneFootball

Inter Assistant Coach Massimiliano Farris: “Controversy Around Dumfries Absurd, D’Ambrosio’s Celebration With Him A Great Gesture”

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Inter assistant coach Massimiliano Farris is happy to have seen his team support Denzel Dumfries as the Dutchman goes through a difficult early period at the Nerazzurri.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster DAZN after guiding his team to a 2-0 victory over Empoli yesterday evening, Farris emphasized that there are no problems with Dumfries despite media scrutiny, and praised the players for celebrating with him.

Dumfries has shown flashes of his quality since arriving at Inter from PSV in the summer, but he has not cemented a regular starting role in the team, and he was at the centre of Juventus’s controversial late penalty on Sunday.

However, Danilo D’Amborsio’s decision to immediately run over to the 25-year-old after scoring the Nerazzurri’s first goal and to dedicate the goal to him suggested that the player is still very much appreciated and respected by his teammates as he settles in to life at Inter.

Farris stated that after the result, “You forget controversy and disappointment. Go on the pitch, make some rotations and this is a positive aspect of the evening because people who have had little playing time come in and unlock the game for you.”

He specified “People like D’Ambrosio or Sanchez. The victory was needed but the important aspect is the togetherness of the group which remains very solid and will fight until the end.”

“We had tried two countermeasures when pressing Empoli,” he said of his team’s approach.

“It is known that there is little space at the start of the game, but you have to be good and patient.”

Of midfielder Marcelo Brozovic, he said that “He is good at attracting the attackers, but also finding solutions to the opponent since he is a great champion.

“We benefited benefited, but the team managed the game well throughout the match.”

On whether head coach Simone Inzaghi is happy, Farris said that “I haven’t seen him yet, but I’m sure he’ll be happy in many ways.

“We needed the positive possession, to take the opponent from one side of the attack to the other and find space.”

“Then you see someone who doesn’t play as much,” he went on, “you expect the assist from Dimarco who assists a striker and then there is Sanchez gives the assist for D’Ambrosio.

“The attackers deserved a goal, too bad because they live on that, it will mean that they have saved them for next matches.”

And he described D’Ambrosio’s celebration with Dumfries as “Fundamental, because it touches on the human sphere, the most delicate and important part of the dressing room.

“D’Ambro has a great sensitivity, he has been a backbone of Inter for many years and has understood the moment of the Dutchman, who has just arrived in Italy as a foreigner.”

“He played three games in a month and a half,” Farris went on, “we saw very little of him because he is a national team starter.

“He recently arrived in a difficult league like ours, he does not understand the language well and was overwhelmed by absurd controversies because he is doing what he has to do.”

He concluded that “D’Ambrosio’s gesture goes beyond things on the pitch. But it gives a signal about what this group is made of.”

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