‘I think’: Everton owner details punishment he believes Liverpool should be handed

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Everton owner Farhad Moshiri has called on Liverpool and the other five clubs involved in the Super League plans to be deducted points from the current Premier League season as a punishment.

Moshiri claims the six clubs who have signed up for the Super League have attacked the heart of English football and believes that they need to be punished for their actions.

He says football belongs to the fans and the communities and adds that these plans threaten to take that away and make it all about the money.

Speaking to TalkSport, Moshiri did not hold back on the six clubs and the punishment he believes they deserve. “Every part of it is against the idea of British football.

“Football belongs to the fans and to their communities. It just takes much of their romance of football away.

“Who wants to see Real Madrid and Liverpool every year? You want Liverpool and Everton to play. It’s just a money game, it’s not football any more.

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“I think the Premier League should deduct points from these clubs. When clubs get deducted points for minor things – poaching a manager, a player, exceeding Financial Fair Play, these six clubs are attacking the very heart of the Premier League and I think they should be disciplined. That’s what I’d do.

“They should have discussed it with the Premier League. It should have been discussed with all the chairmen. It is a system that has worked for many years. The Champions League is an amazing competition – it is the Super League.

“The Premier League needs to discipline clubs. They need to treat powerful clubs as severely as the poorer clubs.”


The only issue with Moshiri’s suggestion is that it may not be much of a punishment to these six clubs. The Super League they are proposing will have them competing in it regardless of where they finish in the Premier League, so why would they care about how many points they manage to accrue in the table this season?

That right there is the crux of the issue. Where is the competitiveness? What are those six clubs, Liverpool included, playing for? It devalues the Premier League and what clubs in this country have been working towards for decades. There could be lowly clubs out there in the football pyramid who may have dreams of one day making the Champions League, what will happen to those dreams? Crushed. That’s what will happen.

Before thinking about any potential punishments for the six clubs involved, the greater issue at hand needs to be resolved and that is how the Super League affects competition in this country. When that has been discussed and a conclusion is reached, the rest can follow.