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“I kept my promise”

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The day after the 2-1 victory over Union, match-winner Evan Ndicka reveals the story behind his goal celebration, discusses his understanding with Filip Kostic and explains the impact Sunday’s win could have.

Evan, congratulations on your 2-1 win against Union Berlin. How many last-minute goals have you scored in your career? “Just one – the one against Berlin was my first.”

How did you experience the build-up to the goal? “I’ve been playing with Filip [Kostic] for four years now. When he crosses, I know exactly where the balls are going. When he crossed it I positioned myself at the near post and headed the ball home.”

Was your little dance with Ragnar Ache rehearsed? “I didn’t want to dance, but Ragnar said I had to if I scored a goal. I kept my promise.”

What impact could that late win have on your busy schedule leading up to Christmas? “Late wins like the one against Union definitely help. Our team has a lot of character, which we want to bring from training into games. It’s great when we manage to do that on a regular basis.”

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