‘He’s a victim’: Pundit on why Liverpool man does not deserve criticism

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Former Arsenal striker Kevin Campbell has claimed the front three are to blame for criticism aimed at Thiago Alcantara for Liverpool this season.

Campbell says Thiago has been good for the Reds and the front three’s struggles in front of goal are causing him to be the victim of unjust negativity.

Speaking to Football Insider, Campbell offered his thoughts on Thiago’s season. “I think Thiago’s been alright if I’m honest.

“Liverpool’s problems have been that decimated defence and the fact that the front three have not hit the heights they hit in the last two seasons.

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“Thiago is a good player, he probes, he picks up the ball, he’s something a bit different to the other Liverpool midfielders.

“Whether he plays or not, if the front boys aren’t banging the goals in, you’re going to struggle.

“He’s a victim of the team not being as fluent and clinical as they have been in the last two seasons.”


Criticism of Thiago this season is unfair given what he has had to deal with since joining the club from Bayern Munich last summer. He arrived at Liverpool during a global pandemic and still has not played in front of a full crowd in a red jersey, which means that he has not experienced the same introduction and adaptation period to English football as players have had in every year prior to the pandemic – making him a victim of the circumstances.

On paper, his performances when playing from the start have been excellent. The Spaniard has averaged a superb WhoScored rating of 7.13 for Spain and Liverpool in 18 starts across all competitions this term, whilst his average score off the bench is a measly 6.45. For context, Sadio Mane is the only player in Liverpool’s squad who has averaged a score of more than 7.13 in the Premier League this season, showing the standard Thiago has set when selected from the start.