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·4 October 2022

Here are the key strategies for Chivas to beat Puebla

Article image:Here are the key strategies for Chivas to beat Puebla

Chivas will have a complex challenge next Sunday, as Puebla is one of the teams that plays best in Liga MX. However, El Rebaño have shown that they have what it takes to beat La Franja and advance to the Quarterfinals of the Apertura 2022.

Let's take a look back to September 10, when Guadalajara defeated La Franja 1-0 in Round 14. In that match, Ricardo Cadena's men struggled to generate dangerous opportunities, but managed to never let the game get out of hand, thanks in large part to the quality of Alexis Vega and the defensive solidity that has been the team's hallmark throughout the Apertura 2022.

What does Chivas have to do to overcome Puebla next Sunday?

1. How Chivas will deal with Puebla's man-to-man marking:

Larcamón's team's model of play is based on man-to-man marking, so for Guadalajara it is fundamental to generate advantages and spaces from the start. This means that every pass that breaks a line of pressure will be vital for the red and white team's aspirations.

As we mentioned earlier, La Franja relies on pressing man-to-man, so players such as Alexis Vega and Roberto Alvarado will have a special role to play if they win their individual duels.

2. First time Fernando Beltrán will face Puebla in the Apertura 2022:

If there's one match where 'Nene' can be very influential, it's against the Camoteros. His spin and dribbling will be a very valuable tool for the Chiverío, as he is capable of eliminating opponents based on his agility.

In addition, Guadalajara's number 20 is a great competitive argument when commanding possession on the inside, so much of the Rebaño's offensive volume will pass through his feet.

3. Controlling Jordi Cortizo:

Puebla's main tool is Jordi Cortizo. A midfielder capable of invading and stepping on any area of the field, thanks to his stride and good individual technique, he is capable of determining games.

Sergio Flores or the midfielder on duty will have to be watchful of their backs and their flanks, as the Puebla player could appear at any moment to make a difference.

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