Harry Maguire confronts Ed Woodward regarding Man United’s ESL intentions

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Manchester United star Harry Maguire in direct confrontation with Ed Woodward regarding ESL

According to The Mirror, Manchester United skipper Harry Maguire confronted executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward earlier on Monday regarding the club’s participation in the European Super League.

The United executive had arranged a Zoom call to brief players on the situation after the news broke out on Sunday. A number of United stars are unhappy with the club’s decision regarding the initiative.

The United stars were unhappy that they had not been given prior notice as to the club’s intentions. Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was also left in a sticky position given that the news broke before our Premier League clash against Burnley.

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As the skipper, it is good to know that the defender has stepped up and made his voice heard. The fact that a number of players remain unconvinced by Woodward showcases the division regarding the decision both internally and externally.

Fans meanwhile have already made their position known. The Supporter’s Union has also released a statement denouncing United’s role in the whole thing.

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Maguire is not the only high-profile player to have voiced his opinion. Star midfielder Bruno Fernandes, arguably our best player has openly revealed what he thinks on social media.

The same is the case at a number of other clubs as well. The fans of Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur have all made their opinions heard and continue to resists this monumental shift in English football.

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Whether Woodward takes into account the grievances of his skipper and star player remains to be seen. One way or another, there is no turning back from what is to follow.

Solskjaer has often spoken of incorporating the United DNA on the pitch. Right now, it is off it what we need to show it.