Guardian: Antonio Rudiger clashed with Frank Lampard and Jody Morris

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A lot has been said and written about Chelsea since the sacking of Frank Lampard, clearly there were many issues within the camp.

The latest piece from The Guardian details various ins and outs of Frank Lampard’s demise, and the improved positive feelings in camp since Thomas Tuchel arrived.

We also just sat down with Tony Mount, the Father of Mason, who provided us with some great insights and opinions here.

Without going in to too much detail, the report speaks about Frank Lampard not having good relations with a number of players.

They particularly touch on the relationship with Antonio Rudiger, who they say Lampard and his assistant Jody Morris, clashed with during his tenor.

Those close to the club speak of a lighter mood around the training ground since Lampard’s departure, attributing it to Tuchel’s superior coaching, man-management and communication skills, according to the report.

Lampard ‘struggled to connect’ with certain individuals at the club the report goes on to say, suggesting that there was an atmosphere between him, his coaches, and a number of the players at the club.