Granada coach Diego Martinez: So much pride after Man Utd defeat

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Granada coach Diego Martinez was full of pride for his players after their Europa League defeat at Manchester United.

Granada lost 2-0 last night and 4-0 in their quarterfinal tie overall.

Martinez said, "It is a mixture of feelings for the disappointment of the game we just lost, but with tremendous pride. Granada have competed at their best level. You have to be very successful and that has not happened. We are proud of these players. The team deserved that goal in the second half. We have respected our values and identity until the last second.

“It is our success that everyone feels that Granada could make it through the tie. That is why I am so proud of this team, but when you are not effective it is very difficult. The goal, the penalty in a slightly strange play, that goal so early that it forces us to row. But we have risen. It's our 50th game of the season and our 15th in the Europa League. The journey has been unforgettable and respecting our values and identity."