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Gordan Strachan comments from June appear to be bang on – Ange is the right man for the job

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Cast your mind back to a time when Eddie Howe was due to become Celtic manager.

The club was awash with excitement, salivating over the potential additions he would bring to the club and the fast attacking brand of football he would supposedly bring to the club.

And then, in a flash, the links were no more.

theRangers fans mocked the club, citing a complete lack of competency as they begrudgingly rolled on to their first ever title, and the first since the Old Rangers won the title in 2011.

A sense of dread appeared to add to the cloud of gloom that appeared over Celtic Park, with something needing to change that quickly before the season began.

And thus, it is just as well that Ange Postecoglou brought the sunshine spells from Australia with him to make Paradise a nice place to visit once more.

Comments at the time meant Celtic were under pressure for him to do well, with many – myself included – highly questioning the portfolio of our now-much-loved boss.

But Gordon Strachan was ahead of the curve back in June.

In an interview with talkSPORT back in the summer, the former Celtic manager highly appraised the appointment of Ange.

And his comments have come true after seven months of superb football.

“People are a bit disappointed (that Eddie Howe didn’t take the job) as the Celtic board gave him every chance to come along,” Strachan told talkSPORT. “I’ve always said to people if you get the chance to be the Celtic manager, take it. When the crowds get back you’re getting some of the best nights in European football. It doesn’t get any better. And you’ve got the fanbase all around the world. “But you move on. And sometimes in life you pick up the baton, you think ‘okay, that’s not worked, let’s go with this one’. “It’s Scotland and Celtic and everyone is overreacting as usual – ‘they need 13 players, they need this manager, they need a World Cup-winning manager’ and all the rest of it. “But the fact is Ange is coming in and if you look at what he does – and the people that have worked with him – you’re talking a top manager here. “There’s no point asking pundits as they’ve never seen him playing, watched his training or games, or spoken to his players. Ask the players who work with a coach what he’s like and then you’ll find the truth. The Celtic people are excited about this (appointment).”

Too right the Celtic contingent and fanbase are excited about this appointment. Long may it last!

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