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Goal-filled first friendly

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Eintracht Women had their shooting boots on in their first pre-season friendly with a 5-1 win over fourth-tier side SV Hegnach.

Eintracht Women emerged victorious in the first friendly of their preparations ahead of the 2022/23 campaign with a 5-1 success against amateur side SV Hegnach.

“We did quite well” “After the two-month break we’ve had half a week out on the training pitch,” said head coach Niko Arnautis after the final whistle. “With that in mind we did quite well, even if we could have scored a goal or two more.” The team’s next game is on Sunday 24 July (kick-off: 11:00 CEST) with their second pre-season friendly when they take on the TSG Königstein U17 boys at the Sportanlage Rebstock.

SGE line-up

Bösl (46' Johannes) – Aehling (65' Steck), Steck (46' Rust), Veit (46' Berg), Hechler (65' Zhao)– Köster (46' Platner), Nüsken (65' Köster), Brengel (46' Hochstadt), Zhao ­(46' Reuter) – Martinez (65' Brengel), Prasnikar (65' Veit).

SV Hegnach line-up

Langwisch (60' Mandarello) – Gajewski (75' Reichel), Reichel (60' J. Castor), Janischowsky (55' G. Castor), Arcangioli, Rilling, Heidt, Bendfeld, Traore, Claar, Schwahn.


Vincent Schandry


1-0 Prasnikar (22')

2-0 Köster (39')

3-0 Brengel (44')

4-0 Brengel (45'+3)

5-0 Reuter (64')

5-1 Rilling (87')

Yellow cards



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