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·29 September 2023

Getafe Manager Jose Bordalas hits headlines with response – ‘That’s football, papa’

Article image:Getafe Manager Jose Bordalas hits headlines with response – ‘That’s football, papa’

Getafe Manager Jose Bordalas has not moved to calm the waters following a heated exchange with Athletic Club forward Inaki Williams.

The Ghana international admitted that he did not like Bordalas’ football on Wednesday night, and claimed that the entire league knew what Bordalas and his men were playing at.

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Meanwhile Bordalas called Williams’ words opportunistic, claiming that the insult he received on the pitch was ‘serious’. Bordalas ended up being sent off by the referee after gesturing for Williams to be quiet.

Ahead of their clash with Villarreal, Bordalas was asked whether he felt their was an anti-Getafe current amongst the media and the rest of La Liga. Diario AS carried his words.

“We tried to win during the 98 minutes that the game lasted. We didn’t make the most dangerous fouls of the game, we didn’t waste more time than our rivals who had to be warned about it, and the pitch wasn’t in the right conditions. Luckily, they didn’t blame me for that too.”

“What I ask people is not to get carried away in the face of the heat and nothing that fits the reality of what happened. We are not the ones who waste the most time, nor are we the ones who make the most fouls. These statements have the clear objective of excusing oneself in the face of an adverse result, nothing more and nothing less.”

Bordalas had made the same argument after Barcelona drew with them in the first game of the season, and Los Azulones were criticised for their aggressive approach and time-wasting.

He was then asked about the complaints other sides were making about them again.

“I understand that it is never agreeable when a team like Getafe, against teams with a much higher budget, beats you, but this is football, papa, friend, as I tell my players… This is football, papa.”

Bordalas has long rubbed players and managers up the wrong way, and in a similar fashion to Jose Mourinho, has engaged in a number of antics to take the pressure off his side. Other sides will criticise Getafe for their approach, perhaps distracting from their own results, but Bordalas’ own media performances tend to mean little conversation about Getafe’s footballers, and more about him.

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