Fulham boss Parker disappointed with Khan comments after Aston Villa loss

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Article image: Fulham boss Parker disappointed with Khan comments after Aston Villa loss

Scott Parker admits he was 'disappointed' by tweets from Fulham director Tony Khan after Monday's loss to Aston Villa.

The Cottagers were thrashed 3-0 at Villa Park, prompting Khan to apologise for the performance and also promise the club will sign new defenders.

But Parker doesn't think the actions were helpful after the recently-promoted Cottagers slumped to their third loss in as many matches.

The Fulham boss said: "I think obviously I said it last night. People have the platform. You own a football club, you can decide how you want to communicate or send a message out.

"It's not something I agree with, it's not helpful from that sense but like I said that's down to the owner and how he sees it.

"There's one thing that I'm disappointed with and that's how he's actually apologising for the performance and that is something that I don't agree with and he shouldn't have.

"The performance last night was a good performance which was a group of players who have done everything they can, worked tirelessly from the first minute to the 95th.

"From 3-0 down they were still trying work as much as they can to try and get us back in the game and for that I don't agree with him.

"I'll be the first to have an issue with my squad and my team and my players if I felt that that was something which needed to be criticised. So I have an issue with that and obviously that's something which I don't agree with.

"The other bits, it is what it is and I think we understand our challenges this year and the rest is noise."