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From New York to Dubai: fans unite against Bernard Higgins

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The protest against Bernard Higgins’ appointment into a role at Celtic has resulted in an uproar across the support. The Norve Curve Celtic and Bhoys Celtic staged a sit-in protest on Sunday after the win over Aberdeen. Now, they are encouraging supporters to show their objection to the rumoured appointment of Bernard Higgins into a security role at Celtic.

Now, supporters from around the world are uniting in their objection to Higgins.

Higgins was Assistant Chief Constable and repeatedly came under fire during his tenure in the role due to the treatment of football fans. The legislation was flawed and its subsequent repeal highlighted the enormous amount of injustices that were transpiring. Celtic fans across social media have united against the potential appointment. An open letter was recently penned, signed by a number of supporters clubs, fan media sites and fan organisations. It will be interesting to see how this pans out over the next few weeks. Surely Celtic cannot hire a man with a background that involved targeting football fans.

Higgins was recently deployed dealing with COP26 but alarmingly there is yet to be a denial from Celtic that he is being considered for any role. A question was recently asked about Higgins at the AGM, allowing the perfect opportunity to issue a denial but it is alarming that this rumour wasn’t shot down and even the attempts to justify an appointment.

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