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Francesco Camarda: 13-year-old AC Milan prospect has now scored 487 goals in 87 games

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Everybody loves a footballing 'child prodigy' don't they?

You know, the kind of kid that can produce the sorts of numbers that require calculators to count?

Wayne Rooney's son Kai has clocked up some impressive performances for the Manchester United youth teams while Cristiano Ronaldo's son is also racking up very impressive numbers.

However, while those two are more than deserving of the 'child prodigy' tag, they simply pale in comparison to the numbers being churned out in Italy by 13-year-old, Franscesco Camarda.

The AC Milan youngster is one of the most exciting prospects in the game and his goal return proves that he may just be from another planet.

During the 2017/18 season, he bagged a paltry 247 goals in just 40 games before following that up with 172 goals in 31 games in 18/19.

Then, despite what would've been a disrupted 2019/20 campaign, he still somehow managed to net 64 goals in in just 16 games.

That means that, over the course of three and a bit seasons, Camarda has scored a whopping 483 goals in 87 games.

Absolutely obscene numbers.

Unsurprisingly, clips of Camarda have been doing the rounds on social media with football loving fans clamouring to get a look at what could be the next big phenomenon in the game.

At just 13, Camarda still has a long way to go before he can take the world by storm in the professional sphere, but the early signs are certainly encouraging.

You can be sure there aren't many 13-year-olds out there with nearly 500 goals to their name, especially not in the famous colours of AC Milan.

Camarda is certainly a name you're going to need to remember, because odds are he is going to be absolutely tearing it up sooner rather than later.

You can only but feel sorry for the poor defenders who will be tasked with trying to stop him over the coming years.

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