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Fowler slams Man Utd, Everton manager changes: Madness!

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Liverpool great Robbie Fowler says Manchester United and Everton are suffering from managerial instability.

He wrote for the Mirror: "Everton were always one of outliers. Under David Moyes, they were around the 10th highest wage spenders in the Premier League, but consistently finished higher. Now they are the opposite, spending with the big boys, but finishing in the middle rank.

"Manchester United have always been in the top two wage spenders over the past decade. But since Sir Alex Ferguson retired, they've not even come close to winning the title.

"The question with both clubs is, why? Well, just look at their hiring policy in the past six years or so, and you have the answer.

"Everton have burnt through six managers in that time - eight if you add in the caretakers.

"United have had five managers since Fergie left, seven if you count caretakers. So between them, two of the most historic clubs in English football, have had 15 different people in charge in barely seven years.

"It's a sobering thought. It's bloody madness in fact. And the question is, who is making these decisions? If you look at the list of managers at both clubs, they veer wildly from one extreme to another."

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