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Former Milan coach Sacchi says season will be ‘unpredictable’ with World Cup disruption

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Former AC Milan coach Arrigo Sacchi has said that the Serie A season will be ‘unpredictable’ because of the World Cup being in winter.

Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Sacchi was asked what he thinks the upcoming season of Serie A football is going to be like and he settled with the word ‘unpredictable’.

“Unpredictable. Those players who manage to adapt quickly to different situations will have an advantage. There are many foreigners in our league and these, in most cases, will leave for the World Cup,” Sacchi said.

He then explained his reasoning, stating that the World Cup will take away a lot of energy from the players which they will then struggle to recoup in the second half of the domestic campaign.

“And the World Cup, I know this well because I have never forgotten the 1994 edition, drains you, takes away your energy, squeezes you like a lemon. In what condition will these players return? No one can know,” he said.

Serie A has got four matchdays in August because the league will be stopped in November so that the 2022 Qatar World Cup can take place. Italian top-flight football will not pick up again until the following January and the season will run into the start of June.

Many are unhappy with the amount of football that the players are being asked to play.

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