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Onefootball·1 April 2018

Football's best and worst April Fool's jokes

Article image:Football's best and worst April Fool's jokes

Maybe everyone was too busy stuffing their faces with Easter chocolate, but April Fool’s banter was disappointingly thin on the ground in the world of football this year.

But of the jokes we were able to find, this one might have been our favourite. If these trainers were real, they’d surely cause a Merseyside mutiny.

Decent effort from The Sun.

And this one from Romania was pretty good too.

Especially considering the reality is even funnier than the April Fool’s gag!

This is hardly the funniest joke in the world from Manchester United’s official Twitter account, but at least they tried.

We’re genuinely not sure whether this is an April Fool or not.

This is just cruel!

We enjoyed this one.

And this one had us craving for a pasty.

Red Bull Glasgow has quite a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Whether it’s super stats or wholesome humour you’re after, you can always rely on Opta Joe.

This would genuinely be a good signing for West Ham, if only it were real.

We wish this was a real product.

And you can check out our attempt at an April Fool here.