Florentino Perez warns Manchester United against pulling out of ESL

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Florentino Perez warns Manchester United against pulling out of Super League (ESL)

Speaking to El Chringuito (h/t Manchester Evening News), Real Madrid and Super League (ESL) president Florentino Perez has sent a warning to Manchester City and Manchester United.

Both clubs were among six Premier League teams who commited themselves to the controversial European Super League. This has led to widespread criticism and backlash from all quarters.

Cracks appear to be forming within the club’s ranks as two English teams have been touted to pull out. Perhaps motivated by it, Perez has reminded the clubs of their commitment.

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He confirmed that all the clubs involved had signed contracts last Saturday. He believes they are binding and there is no going back from their commitment.

“The contract of the Super League is binding. Nobody can leave, we will work all together.”

Perez has touted the Super League to provide a solution for the financial crisis engulfing European football. Each of the founding teams is in line to net a lucrative £350million.

“The only way is to play more competitive games. If instead of playing the Champions League, the Super League helps the clubs to recover the lost earnings.”

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Not United’s war?

Perez has his own reasons to continue upon the path he has set out on. The La Liga is not the money-making machine that the English Premier League is and is looking at a dire future.

While this influx of cash from the Super League is essential for the Spanish clubs and Juventus, it may not be a matter of life and death for the English teams.

However, by hitching themselves to Perez and the lot, United may well have shot themselves in their own foot. The very least the club can do is to listen to their own players and fans.

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The exact role United played in the whole incident remains unknown. UEFA president Aleksander Caferin namedropped Ed Woodward in his scathing criticism aimed at the Super League yesterday.

Even if we do ultimately back out, it does not appear as if our actions will be forgotten nor forgiven.