Firmino breaks silence on 'rivalry' with Liverpool striker Jota

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Article image: Firmino breaks silence on 'rivalry' with Liverpool striker Jota

Roberto Firmino insists he's happy playing with Diogo Jota at Liverpool.

Firmino says he does not see Diogo Jota as a personal rival – and believes Liverpool's celebrated attack is even stronger with his new teammate on board.

He said: “Liverpool have a great squad of players, so earning a starting position here is not easy at all, and I am used to that.

“Diogo is an excellent footballer and another companion in the squad.

“We all work hard during the week and then the coach decides who comes out. So, I don't have any personal battle with him."

He added: “Liverpool's attack line is spectacular, and I would say comparable to any in the world, in any of the major leagues. Now this year I see it as being even better. And it's not emotion that makes me say this, but simply a result of looking at the statistics.

“As for me, I work hard in training – and then on the field I do what Jurgen Klopp tells me. That is my working philosophy, always."