FIFA President Gianni Infantino: “Super League Clubs Must Live With Consequences If They Break Away”

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Inter were sent a harsh warning by FIFA president Gianni Infantino today over their involvement in a new European Super League.

The Nerazzurri were one of 12 leading European clubs to announce their participation in the new franchise on Sunday night, in a group of 12 founding members which also included Serie A rivals AC Milan and Juventus.

Italy’s football federation have reportedly threatened legal action to stop the Super League taking shape, with FIGC president Gabriele Gravina describing the project earlier as ‘unjustifiable’.

“We can only strongly disapprove the creation of the Super League,” Infantino said earlier (via Sky Sports).

“It is a closed shop which is a breakaway from the current institutions, from the leagues, from the associations, from UEFA and from FIFA.

“There is a lot to throw away for the short-term financial gain of some.

“They need to reflect, and they need to assume responsibility.

“If some elect to go their own way, then they must live with the consequences of their choice.

“They are responsible for their choice.

“Concretely, this means either you’re in or you’re out.

“You cannot be half in or half out.”

The games would be played in midweek, overlapping with the UEFA Champions League but allowing clubs to keep playing in their domestic leagues.