FFF president Le Graet hails Man Utd ace Pogba: Generous, supportive, benevolent

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French Football Federation president Noel Le Graet has made a glowing tribute to Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba.

Le Graet spoke to RMC last night after unsubstantiated reports in the Middle East were carried by the English press regarding Pogba quitting the France team.

But after Pogba denied the claims, Le Graet declared: “Paul started with our youth teams at the age of 16, in 2010. He now is 27 and has 72 caps for the French team. Within our world champion team, Paul is considered by all as a leader, always driven by a positive energy in the service of the collective.

"He is a generous, supportive, benevolent and tolerant teammate. His attachment to the France team jersey is profound and exemplary.

"Trying to challenge him is to completely misunderstand his values and his personality."

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