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A young fan was back in the stands for the game against Real Madrid

Valencia CF fan Dani is one of the many supporters who have been able to return to Mestalla recently, and for him it has been a chance to get back to one of his favourite pastimes.

He has been suffering from scoliosis since he was 3 years old, forcing him to wear a brace, and he uses the team as an inspiration. He got to meet the squad before the game against Real Madrid, which he attended in person.

"I started coming to Mestalla when I was five years old, because my parents are Valencianistas and passed their passion down to me. I got my season ticket when I was nine, and from there I never missed a game," says Dani. Dani had the opportunity to watch training up close, and to meet the Valencia CF squad.

"I was in shock when I was told I would be able to go to the training session. I couldn't believe it. They were all really nice. They all shook my hand, and it was amazing," he recalls.

"It was a unique, once in a lifetime moment. I wasn't expecting it, and especially not to shake the players' hands and take photos with them. You can tell that there is a really good atmosphere in the squad amongst the players. I liked it, and I was really surprised.

To complete the experience, Hugo Guillamón gave one of his shirts to Dani as a gift.

After the restrictions caused by the pandemic, fans can finally return to Mestalla. Dani was back in attendance for the game against Real Madrid on LaLiga Matchday 5.

“It is very exciting to return to Mestalla after such a long time. I was looking forward to watching a game like this. It is very exciting to watch games at Mestalla. You have to try to win every game, and keep going. Then in May we can see how the season went," he says.

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