Ex-Red suggests Liverpool player has upset Jurgen Klopp

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Former Liverpool defender Mark Wright has said to the Seaman Says podcast that Curtis Jones might have frustrated Jurgen Klopp a little bit in recent times.

The midfielder hit 50 appearances for the Reds last night against Norwich City in the Carabao Cup but has not played much this season so far.

And, for Wright, that might be because he’s worried Jurgen Klopp a little bit. Wright said:

“He leaves no stone unturned, he knows who is coming through. Look at Curtis Jones who came through last season and did so well. Now he’s on the fringe again and it’s probably because Curtis has a bit of a ‘here I am’ a bit of a swagger. The manager won’t like that. He’ll say ‘know your place, this is about the team’ and he’s been benched a little bit because of those reasons I believe, and that’s what we all believe.”


It’s a rather bold claim from Wright.

All we can hope is Jones will keep applying himself and keep improving because we know the talent that he has.

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