Ex-Real Madrid coach Zidane EXPLODES against journalist: You're a disgrace!

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Former Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has exploded at a journalist when preparing to attend the Segunda Division promotion playoffs.

Zidane was walking to the stadium to see son Luca Zidane's Rayo Vallecano against Girona when he was asked by GOL journalist Sergio Quirante about his open letter to Real Madrid fans.

"Sir, how are you? How are you feeling? A quick question: do you have a tense relationship with Real Madrid after the letter?" Quirante asked Zidane.

"Do you keep asking the same stupid questions?" countered Zidane.

Quirante: "No, I'm just asking for the letter."

Zidane wasn't convinced: "Right, you keep asking the same stupid questions. What you're doing is a disgrace." After the reporter said he would ask "no more", Zidane continued: "I know you and you know me. The same thing happens every time. Let's talk about it without the cameras around."

Zidane then pointed at the cameraman and told him to stop, after which Zidane and Quirante walked away together.

The coach put his arm on the journalist's shoulder, after which they continued their conversation before the vision cut.

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