Ex-Man Utd captain Neville happy seeing brother Phil join Beckham's Inter Miami

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Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville is delighted seeing brother Phil Neville take charge of Inter Miami.

Neville is reunited with former United teammate David Beckham, who is part-owner in the MLS franchise. The three are also directors in Salford City.

Beckham spent decades with the brothers at Manchester United but Neville dismissed any suggestion of favouritism and warned that the role demanded results.

He insisted: "I know my brother and I know David Beckham - he wouldn't give his mate a job if he thought that he couldn't do it.

"[Phil's] gone into women's football, which was a massive step. He accompanied David Moyes at Manchester United and that obviously wasn't the best experience but that made him stronger, in my opinion, not worse.

"He'll have gone through a process over there - it wasn't David Beckham who selected the manager for Inter Miami unilaterally.

"The amount of investment and time... they need it to be a success. It's a serious job over there that needs to be done, and if he isn't doing it well then he'll know what's going to happen."