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Ex-Inter Owner Massimo Moratti On Interspac Project: “It Is Not Practicable In Italy”

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The former owner of Inter has suggested that the Interspac project is an admirable idea but would not work well in Italian football, according to a report in the Italian media today.

Speaking during an interview with Corriere dello Sport, Massimo Moratti explained that there would be less interest in fan ownership in Italy than there is in Germany and therefore the finances would not work.

“I appreciated the intentions, they had a lot of courage. I think that in Italy that kind of shareholding is not practicable, moreover the numbers that the companies present today are dramatic.

“In Germany we reach 15, 20 percent quotas, but with accessible figures and limited risks for the subscribers. The less famous fans who are willing to put in a thousand euros make me feel so much tenderness and sympathy.”

Sticking with the fabrics of football in Europe financially, Massimo Moratti was clearly not a fan of how the Super League plans were presented to the public and the rest of the football world.

“Very badly presented, to the point that the project was immediately canceled. The goal of the clubs is to find a way to bring home more money and I can understand that, but you can’t develop such a plan without listening to the people, the fans and getting out of the system.”

Inter owners Suning are in serious financial difficulty in China and with the club as a whole. Massimo Moratti remains optimistic though about Steven Zhang’s work.

“Upstream problems end up hitting businesses downstream. Zhang is good and is nice, I hear people repeat that things are slowly adjusting at least in terms of ordinary management, I want to be optimistic.”

Finally, Massimo Moratti has been repeatedly linked with jobs at Inter given he knows the club so well, but he has stated that that road is no longer viable for him.

“It has happened often, even recently. A defeat by Inter and the call is triggered. But it is a road that is no longer viable.”

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