Ex-Arsenal defender Mustafi on Levante choice: I need to feel loved

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Shkodran Mustafi is happy with his move to Levante.

The former Valencia defender has returned to the city to join Levante after a difficult last season with Arsenal and then Schalke.

Mustafi said today: “In the end, the most important thing for me is to feel loved. And I saw that from the first moment.

“The last six months with Schalke were bad. It's a great club and they were very tough months. I went because I wanted to help and I gave everything I have but now I'm here. It was important for me to go to a club that loves me.

“It is a decision that I had to make for many things, but I felt that the club loves me. For a player that is the most important thing to go to one side to feel that the club loves you, not only because you are a free player but because they really love you."

Mustafi recalled that the summer had not been easy for him.

“It was very hard, a player always lives in a locker room and I really needed that but in the end I am a worker and I wanted to work so when the time came to go to a club I was ready. I didn't want to quit this job because I had no options. You have to have a hard head."

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