Everton and Palace Track £20m Senegal Midfielder – Statistical Analysis | OneFootball

Everton and Palace Track £20m Senegal Midfielder – Statistical Analysis | OneFootball

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·15 February 2024

Everton and Palace Track £20m Senegal Midfielder – Statistical Analysis

Article image:Everton and Palace Track £20m Senegal Midfielder – Statistical Analysis

Premier League Watch: Ndiaye’s Future in the Balance

In the fluid narrative of football careers, Iliman Ndiaye’s tale is at a curious juncture. The Marseille forward, who relocated from Sheffield United with high expectations, finds himself under the Premier League’s watchful eyes again. Everton and Crystal Palace are poised for a potential swoop if his stint in France doesn’t take a turn for the better, reports La Provence.

Under Scrutiny

Ndiaye’s transition to Ligue 1 hasn’t mirrored the sparkling form that saw him net 22 goals and provide 14 assists in 88 games for the Blades. His current tally of one goal and three assists in 25 games is a shadow of his former self, prompting acknowledgement from the player that an uptick in performance is necessary.

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Potential Premier League Return

Everton’s interest in Ndiaye isn’t a recent development; their scouting eyes have followed him since his Sheffield days. Crystal Palace’s intrigue, on the other hand, seems to be a fresh chapter in the forward’s saga. With the potential departure of their own talent, Michael Olise, the Eagles could see Ndiaye as a viable alternative.

Article image:Everton and Palace Track £20m Senegal Midfielder – Statistical Analysis

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A Summer of Decisions

The summer transfer window looms as a decisive period for Ndiaye. Should his struggles in front of goal persist, a ‘transfer list’ designation awaits. It’s a prospect that has evidently piqued the interest of the aforementioned Premier League clubs.

Dreaming of Redemption

Despite the looming possibility of a market move, the ambition for Ndiaye remains to excel at what he has referred to as the ‘club of his dreams’. The next three months are crucial; a period not just to avert the transfer list but to convince the skeptics that his talents can flourish in the French top flight.

In a footballing landscape where the line between success and obscurity can be perilously thin, Ndiaye stands at a crossroads. Everton and Crystal Palace represent potential paths on that journey, but the hope remains that the narrative will twist positively in Marseille’s hues. For Ndiaye, the coming months are not just about finding the net but about weaving the strands of his career back into the trajectory that once promised so much.

Article image:Everton and Palace Track £20m Senegal Midfielder – Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis by EPL Index: Iliman Ndiaye’s Form Under the Lens

Football, in its essence, is a game of moments, a mosaic of metrics that together narrate the tale of a player’s season. In dissecting Iliman Ndiaye’s performance data and stats, as provided by Fbref, we uncover the layers behind the numbers that could influence his future at the top level.

A Closer Look at Ndiaye’s Attacking Metrics

Ndiaye’s statistics in the attacking department paint a complex picture. The percentile ranks for non-penalty goals and shots total suggest a player who has been less than prolific in front of goal. His expected goals (xG) and expected assists (xA) numbers are not formidable either, indicating that while the intent is there, the execution has fallen short.

Possession and Progression

Moving the ball forward and breaking lines is where Ndiaye shows potential. His percentile for progressive carries is notably high, hinting at a player comfortable with driving at the heart of opposition defenses. However, this is juxtaposed with a pass completion percentage that suggests room for improvement in retaining possession and distributing effectively.

Defensive Contributions

In the world of modern football, every player must contribute defensively, and Ndiaye’s stats here reveal a player willing to engage. His aerials won suggest a robust presence in duals, an attribute that will undoubtedly appeal to Premier League sides looking for versatility in both phases of play.

In essence, the numbers reveal a player who has struggled to find consistency in a forward role. For Ndiaye, the challenge is to refine these raw statistical outlines into a masterpiece of on-pitch performances that justify both his past accolades and potential interest from Everton and Crystal Palace.

As the season progresses, these stats will not just define Ndiaye’s season; they’ll shape his narrative, and perhaps, his destination. It’s a reminder that in football, as in life, it’s the finer details that often dictate the broader strokes of one’s journey.

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