EURO 2024: Why Italy can defend the title in Germany? | OneFootball

EURO 2024: Why Italy can defend the title in Germany? | OneFootball

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·17 May 2024

EURO 2024: Why Italy can defend the title in Germany?

Article image:EURO 2024: Why Italy can defend the title in Germany?

The start of the European Championships 2024 is getting closer and closer. On June 14, the tournament will finally begin with host nation Germany meeting Scotland in Munich. But how many chances to Italy have to defend their champion status?

Back in 2021, Italy didn’t start the tournament as one of the top favourites to win it. Countries like Belgium, England, France, Spain, and Germany were considered on a higher level, so the Azzurri were mentioned after those by experts and bookmakers.

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But we all know that this special tournament, postponed by a year due to the COVID pandemic, represented the highest moment for Italian football since the 2006 World Cup victory, so nearly 20 years. Tough matches, incredible performances, and strong nerves led the team to the Final. Even England could not stop Italy, and perhaps the famous English song ‘Football is coming home’ was also an additional motivation to the team. The spirit inside the team was just marvellous and one of the huge reasons for the surprising success.

Many changes since EURO 2021

To say that a couple of things have changed since is an understatement. The biggest change is surely the coach. Roberto Mancini suddenly left the Italian team in 2023 and, of course, Mancio had played a key role at the Euros only two years earlier. A few weeks later, the ex-striker became the new coach of the Saudi Arabian national team. But anyway, since then, Luciano Spalletti has been in charge, and the team has only lost one match against England. The results are pretty good, and the performances are stable. Spalletti is not only highly motivated, but he also wants to win EURO 2024.

Of course, the team itself has changed, too. Giorgio Chiellini, one of the most important players in 2021, has retired. His aura and winning mentality on and off the pitch have definitely been missed since then, although the team is doing a good job. The former centre-back is a legend nobody will forget or can completely replace. His defensive partner, Bonucci, is still playing, but has never been involved under Spalletti, so the Azzurri’s backline will entirely change.

His transfers to Union Berlin and Fenerbahce this season have not worked out, and the experienced defender has no chance of being involved in Euro 2024 this summer. Overall, only nine or ten players from the 2021 squad will try to defend the title in Germany next month. This means that more than half of the team will change.

Italy could benefit from its surroundings and circumstances

Everything comes to an end, and, of course, the career of some true legends, too. But some other good players with high qualities will have their chance and could prove themselves. External factors may help the Azzurri as well. After all, Italy won the World Cup in Germany in 2006 also thanks to the support from the many Italians living in the country.

“In such tournaments, it’s not only about the coach, the squad, and just their qualities on the pitch. It’s also about the circumstances,” argues Florian Först from the football and betting portal

“Italy has many supporters in Germany, which can create a unique atmosphere with fans from Italy. Also, everyone remembers the last tournament in Germany pretty well, which can give a nice boost in motivation. Last but not least, Italy isn’t named one of the favourites to win the title. They can play without having too much pressure on their shoulders since nobody is expecting the title defence.”

Other experts and betting sites share the same opinion about Italy’s chances of winning EURO 2024. Bookmakers like Bet365, for example, have them in position six of the favourites only, so the pressure is clearly with England, France, and Germany in this tournament. But anyway, Italy have proven to be good in its role as an ‘outsider,’ and maybe we will see another miracle this summer. It definitely can’t be ruled out.

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