Eric Cantona tells Neymar to stop with the "crocodile tears"


Ian McCourt

Article image: Eric Cantona tells Neymar to stop with the "crocodile tears"

Eric Cantona went on social media to send a message to Neymar, who was incredibly emotional at the end of the match against Costa Rica.

After sweating out a 2-0 victory over Costa Rica, Neymar knelt in the center of the pitch and, with his hands on his face, cried heavily. The striker credited his emotions to his first triumph in Russia in addition to the feeling of overcoming his surgery on his right foot.

However, Neymar’s cries did not touch everyone, and some criticised him for “personal marketing.”

One of these critics seems to be Manchester United and France legend Eric Cantona. Through his profile on the Instagram, the former player subtitled a photo with a message to Neymar, speaking about ‘cheating’ and ‘crocodile tears’.

“No more cheating. No more crocodile tears. No more narcissism. Let’s love Brazil as we used to love them,” wrote Cantona, captioning a photo of Socrates, who charmed the world with his genius in the 1982 and 1986 World Cups.

Neymar’s style has always been a problem for Brazilians, especially in Europe. His egocentric personality does not sit well for some people.

Cantona has made a point of making his dissatisfaction with the PSG striker’s attitude both on and off the field known publicly.

Before the start of the Cup, the Frenchman even trolled the attacker on his Instagram, making fun of his outrageous haircut.